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Aolong Nezha Beer

Thousands of years of Chinese civilization are expansive and rich. Aolong Nezha Beer is the modern embodiment of this glorious Chinese legacy, allowing the world to experience the Chinese heritage and feel the essence of our five thousand years of most distinctive emblem of the Chinese spirit.

"Aolong" has the meaning of "Proud Dragon", which originates from the heroic legacy of "the descendant of the dragon". We are proud descendants of the spirit of the dragon, thus pay tribute to its fighting spirit and are proud to present this outstanding quality of Chinese to the world. In the Chinese world, Nezha is often praised as a symbol of "perseverance and courage to take on challenges". His story has inspired generations of Chinese to move forward courageously, constantly pursue excellence in the face of difficulties, and stands today as the only unbroken civilization in the history of mankind.

Aolong Nezha beer combines the modern exquisite brewing technology of Europe and the Chinese craftsmanship that was passed down from generation to generation. Its unique aroma embodies the wisdom of China brewing know-how which will be cherished forever. Carefully selected superior and pure quality raw materials, combined with exquisite brewing technology ensure that every bottle of beer reflects the brand concept of Aolong Nezha beer: "Proud to be the descendants of the dragon, Nezha spirit is indomitable."

Beginning from Singapore, a diversified and open society, Aolong Nezha beer is presented to all people around the world. It is our moment of pride and joy. Five thousand years of the Chinese spirit is fostered through Aolong Nezha. It allows the world to experience the root and soul of the Chinese. Bravo to Aolong Nezha, the vitality and supreme power of the Chinese!

Huai Pu Pte Ltd

Huai Pu Pte Ltd was established in Singapore in 2020. Prior to its establishment, Huai Pu had over two decades of experience in wine and spirits trades. In Singapore, Huai Pu is able to excel in connecting the local market business through retail and wholesale operations. Moreover, Huai Pu is also a professional supply chain management company that connects quality suppliers swiftly internationally.

Huai Pu's range of alcoholic beverages includes Chinese Baijiu, Western spirits, beer, and red wine, featuring brands such as Maotai, Tinghua, Macallan, Chivas Regal, Martell, Iceberg, Fujia Bai, Corona, Penfolds, and etc. In the year of 2023, Huai Pu established its own premium beer brand, named Aolong Nezha Beer. The beer is now available across various channels in Singapore, including the government-owned supermarket FairPrice NTUC, private supermarkets like ShengSiong, petrol stations such as Caltex, SPC, Shell, entertainment venues, KTVs, bars, and F&B restaurants.

The introduction of Aolong Nezha Beer has marked several milestones, garnering sponsorships for prestigious events like the Singapore Business and Charity Forum 2023, forming an exclusive Aolong Nezha team for professional training leagues, and participating in F1 events. Aolong Nezha Beer not only brings forth the rich culture and spirit of Chinese craft beer but also provides the local Singaporean market with a diverse beer-drinking experience. Aolong Nezha Beer aims to continue breaking new ground, maintaining market differentiation, and bringing more surprises to all its supporters.

Aolong Nezha Beer brand is expected to expand beyond the local Singapore market to cope with tremendous international demand. Soon, the brand products will be exported to countries such as Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Dubai, South Africa, and other countries to share its inspiring culture and tasty beer.


We instead, we consider integrity as the cornerstone of everything we do, and professionalism guides every action we take. We are dedicated to assisting clients in international trade, helping them find high-quality sources, gain price advantages, and ensure quality control. We strive not only to break through and expand in the international trade of alcoholic beverages but also to lead the market under the banner of Huai Pu.

With pride, the unique Aolong Nezha Beer brand, shines as a brilliant gem in the market. With its exceptional quality and natural brewing process, it has become a symbol of excellence. Take a sip, and you'll experience the smoothness of beer accompanied by the aroma of natural malt. We ferment using purely natural methods, without any artificial additives, enriching the aroma of our brew. We adhere to the principle of not using additives or preservatives, aiming for the purest brewing art.

In addition to our breakthroughs and expansions in the international import and export of alcoholic beverages, Huai Pu Enterprise is committed to promoting the Aolong Nezha Beer brand. We are actively collaborating with agents and distributors in different countries, tirelessly working towards the internationalization of our brand. Recognizing the importance of social responsibility, we aim to provide the highest quality beer at a reasonable price while maintaining sensitivity to the environment.

Our vision for the future is for Huai Pu Group, through the success of the Aolong Nezha brand, to become a representative of Chinese companies. We want to showcase the integrity of the Chinese people, the spirit of loving life, and the unwavering determination in the face of challenges, allowing the world to feel the strength of Chinese culture. Huai Pu — sharing moments of quality living with you.


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